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Shingle Roofing

COOL roof Shingles are specially designed to offer beautifully rich colors that reflect the sun’s rays (some colors, up to 20+ SRI), helping to make your home comfortable, energy-efficient, solar-reflecting granules help keep roofs cooler, result in lower energy consumption, extended roof material's life.


TITLE Roofing

A tile roof can last over 100 years, especially when installed in the right climate. Clay and concrete tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Once you install tile, you will never have to install another type of roofing again. Just in case, most manufacturers will offer a 50-year warranty.

Tile roofs are made from earth minerals, not chemicals, and they can be pulverized and recycled when they are removed.

Energy-efficient: The heavy thermal mass of tiles will help regulate indoor temperatures.

Low maintenance: Leaks are almost unheard of, and it is very rare for tile roofs to require repairs or maintenance unless they break due to heavy impact.


(Flat) Torch Roofing

Torch Down Roofing is a type of roofing that consists of levels of modified bitumen–similar to asphalt, that are adhered to layers of fiberglass with a flame torch. ...

Torch down roofing is still one of the most commonly used roofing types for flat commercial roofs. The official name of this type of roofing is modified bitumen. ... Not only that it's extremely durable because the combination of asphalt and resin makes it resistant to punctures and other damages

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